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S.R. Jog Development, Environment and Equity Download
R. B. Singh, B. W. Pandey and Abhay Shankar Prasad Adaptation Strategies for Flood Risk Mitigation in Lower Brahmaputra River Basin, Assam through Integrated River Basin Management Download
Darshan Kumar Jha and V. K. Tripathi Quality of Life in Slums of Varanasi City: A Comparative Study Download
V.N. Sharma and Anil Kumar Tiwari A survey of research in Industrial Geography in India Download
Dhanya V. Basin asymmetry and associated tectonics: A case study of Achankovil river basin, Kerala Download
Mr. Tejpal, M.S. Jaglan and B.S. Chaudhary Geo-Environmental Consequences of River Sand and Stone Mining: A Case Study of Narnaul Block, Haryana Download
Manika Saha and Susmita Sengupta Symbiotic Relationship between Forest and Tribe: A Case Study of Santal Tribe of Jaypur Forest, Bankura District, West Bengal, India Download
Chandra Sumitra and Jana Narayan Chandra Origin and Work Status of Child Laborers: A Case Study of Howrah Slum in West Bengal, India Download
Karam Singh and S.P. Kaushik Legal Status of Food Joints along Selected National Highways in Haryana: A Geographical Analysis Download
Somnath Mukherjee Status of Female Education among Santal, Kheria Sabar and Birhor Tribal Communities of Puruliya District, West Bengal, India Download
K. R. Dikshit Book Review - Landforms of India from Topomaps and Images Download
S. R. Jog Book Review - North-East India: Land, People and Economy Download
Jutta Dikshit Book Review - Managing Natural Resources: Focus on Land and Water Download
Jutta Dikshit Book Review - Economic Geography of India Download
Obituary - Professor Gurdev Singh Gosal Download