Transactions – Institute of Indian Geographers

The ‘Transactions’ is the biannual journal of the Institute of Indian Geographers. The year 2011 will see the publication of the 33rd volume of the journal. The journal receives contributions from India and abroad, covering different geographical regions and analysing a wide range of geographical research problem. The editor invites original articles that will contribute to advances and debates in all the sub-disciplines of Geography.

Instructions to Authors

All manuscripts of papers, short articles, and book reviews intended for publication in the ‘Transactions’ should be sent to

The Editor
Transactions, Institute of Indian Geographers
C/o. Department of Geography
University of Pune
PUNE   411 007

Authors are requested to submit manuscript in two hard copies with a set of original maps/illustrations and soft copy on CD on MS word file and all illustrations (diagrams, maps, photo plates etc.) in .tif file format. We send each manuscript to at least two reviewers.

Manuscript should preferably not exceed ten printed pages or between 3000-4000 words. They should be typed double spaced on A4 sized paper with wide margins.  The manuscript should contain a title page, an abstract, the list of references cited, tables, a list of figures and captions. Figures should be carefully prepared. The lettering should be clear even after reduction. Authors sending their figures on CD should provide each figure separately in .tif format. The complete address of the author/s including the pin code should be given at the end, together with the e-mail address.

References cited in the text to given in alphabetical order as follows:
1. Mosher, S.W. (1983): Broken Earth: the Rural Chinese. New York, Free Press
2. Smith, K. G. (1959): Standards for Grading Texture of Erosional Topography, Amer. Jour. Sci., Vol. 248:665-668

Spellings of Oxford Dictionary are used. Footnotes are to be avoided.

The letter accompanying the manuscript should contain a statement confirming that neither the whole article nor any substantial portion of it has been published elsewhere. If you have any questions or require more detailed guidelines for authors,

Authors alone are responsible for the views expressed in their articles and for obtaining permission for copy right material.