The Institute of Indian Geographers, Pune, was founded in 1979 at the initiative of Professor K. R. Dikshit, the then Professor and Head of the Department of Geography, University of Pune, and the Founder President of the Institute. The move to establish an institute was enthusiastically supported by his colleagues in the Department and resulted into what is now a nationally recognised body of geographers.

The idea of establishing an institute at Pune to promote Geography in all its aspects, and particularly to involve younger geographers in the task of enriching  and advancing geography, was first mooted by Professor K. R. Dikshit, the then Head of the department, Department of  Geography, University of Pune, in July, 1978. This was followed by issuing a widely circulated appeal, outlining the need to establish a geography association at Pune, on August 30, 1978.  This brought a very encouraging response not only from Pune University jurisdiction but even from the neighbouring universities. The association was a priori named as the ‘Institute of Indian Geographers’.

With full support of his colleagues, Dr. Dikshit approached Professor R. G. Takawale, the then Vice Chancellor, who not only encouraged  him to go ahead with the plan but  also passed orders for housing the office of the Institute in the premises of Geography  Department.

The first pre-registration meeting of the teachers of the department was held on 28th October 1978. A joint appeal signed by all the faculty, was issued on 7th Nov 1978. This appeal received a tremendous response and the number of geographers, joining the institute as its founder members, started growing. Professor K. R.Dikshit was charged with the responsibility of drafting the constitution, a task in which he received the assistance of the late Dr. S. B. Sawant.

The draft Memorandum and Rules of the Institute, were discussed and approved, in a meeting of the founder members, held on 9th Dec.1978.  On filing an application, the institute was registered on 9th Feb, 1979, under the Registration of Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act 1860. Ninth February, thus, came to be recognised as the Foundation Day of the Institute.

The signatories to the Charter of the Institute, officially known as ‘Memorandum and Rules of the Association’ required for establishing the Institute were the following.
President- Professor K. R. Dikshit; Vice Presidents-  Professor K. P. Kshirsagar, and Dr. D. M. Wagh, Secretary- Dr. S.C. Gupte, Joint Secretary- Shri V.S.Datye, Treasurer- Shri S.R. Jog, Members- Dr. Jaymala Diddee, and Dr. S.B.Sawant.

The Institute was registered on the 9th of February, 1979, as a registered society, under the Registration of Society Act Bombay, at Pune (Registration No.  MAH/172/Pune/79) and as a Charitable Institution on 10th December 1980 (Registration No. CH/P/Pn/3246/80-81).