Volume 32, No. 1, Winter 2010

Volume 32, No. 1, Winter 2010
Suneetha P., Teshome Yirgo An Agro-Ecological Assessment of Household Food Security in Basso Catchment, Ethiopia 1
Nageshwar Prasad, Indrani Mukherjee Hydrological Characteristics and Fluvial Morphology in the Bhagirathi-Jalangi Floodplains of the Eastcentral West Bengal 11
J. Rosy Angelene Grace A Critical Analysis of Existing Municipal Waste Management Practices in Madurai City 27
M. Ghasem Torkahvand, B. N. Shivaligappa Classification and Spatial Analysis of Land Classes and the Factors Influencing them in Lorestan (West Iran) 41
Kanth, T. A., Zahoor ul Hassan Assessment of Land Use / Land Cover Change in Wular Catchment using Remote Sensing and GIS 52
Choudhary, Bikramaditya K Political Economy of Waste Pickers: their Health and Well-Being 63
Phadke, V. S., D. Mukherji Spatial Correlations and Age Structure in Maharashtra – 2001 81
Thakur, B. R., D. D. Sharma Development of Infrastructure in Tribal Areas of Himachal Pradesh – A Geographical Analysis 93