Volume 31, No. 1, Winter 2009

Volume 31, No. 1, Winter 2009
Mervin Lal Dharmasiri, R.K., V. S. Datye Land Tenure Changes in Sri Lanka: A Geographical Perspective on ‘Gambaraya’ System in Hambantota District 1
Mookerjee, Saswati Insurgency and Cross-border Terrorism in South Asia focusing Ethno-religious, Cultural Issues, with Special Reference to India 15
Akmanchi Anand, Mudit Mankad, Vivek Gaikwad, Pradyumna Joshi, Manoj Chavan Agro-climatic Zonation of Maharashtra State 25
M. Shamsul Alam, Rafique Ahmed Tropical Cyclones in Bangladesh 37
Hassan S. M., D. O. Adefolalu, M. Sani Recent Rainfall Trends in the FCT, Abuja 49
Lalmalsawmzauva K. C., D. K. Nayak Influence of Geographical Factors on the Use of Antenatal Care in Champhai District, Mizoram 57
Joshi, Veena U. Scour Depth Estimation based on the Physical Properties of Soil along the Tributaries of River Pravara, Maharashtra 69
Karanjot Kaur Brar Geomorphic Expressions of the Main Boundary Fault: A Study of the Kasauli Ridge Area (Shimla Hills, Himachal Pradesh) 81