Volume 30 – 2 July 2008

Volume 30 – 2 July 2008
Misra, R. P. Indian World View and Environmental Crisis 97
Yogendra, Kumar, Syiemlieh, H. J., Surendra Singh Vegetation Cover and Plant Species of Degraded Landscape in the Extremely Wet Cherrapunji Area, North-Eastern India 111
Leducq, Divya Strategic Assets and Weaknesses of a New Infotech Growth Pole in India: Pune (Maharashtra) 125
Bhakar, Rajesh, H. S. Sharma, S. K. Srivastav, Victor Jetten Declining Spatio-temporal Distribution of Groundwater Recharge Zones Using Remote Sensing in the Irrigated Landscape of Thar Desert, India 137
Karlekar, S. N. Use of Directional Derivatives in the Study of Estuarine Sedimentation Process on Konkan Coast of Maharashtra 159
Singh, N., Deva Singh & Y. Nabachandra Evolution of Settlement in Manipur Valley 165
Tavallai, Simin, Ahmad Pourahmad, Mohsen Kalantari Some Aspects of Criminal Geography of Tehran 179