Volume, 28, 2, July 2006

Volume, 28, 2, July 2006
Sharma, H. S. Presidential Address: A Perspective on Global Change and Mountain-Lowland Regions 89
Jalan, Seema Voting Preferences in Lok Sabha vis-à-vis Assembly Elections: A Case Study of Indian National Congress in North-East Rajasthan (1991-1993 & 1998-1998) 103
Dikshit, K. R. A Changing Western Perspective on Geography and the Indian Context 123
Dikshit, J. K. Hurricane Katrina – Observations on a Cyclone that devastated New Orleans and the Mississippi Coast in 2005 157
Hire, Pramodkumar S. and Vishwas S. Kale Geomorphic Effectiveness of High-Magnitude Floods on the Tapi River: Evaluation based on Flood Hydrographs and Stream-Power Graphs 175
Atiya Habeeb Kidwai Obituary – Professor Aijazuddin Ahmad 183