Vol. 28, 1, January 2006

Vol. 28, 1, January 2006
Bashir, A. and N. L. Binbol An Appraisal of the Scientific Nature of Geography 1
Ziari, Keramatollah Qanat and Settlement in Iran 6
Kewalramani, Gita Urbanisation and Flooding in Mumbai Suburban District 24
Inder Jeet A Polynomial Regression Analysis for the Estimation of Rainfall Pattern in Haryana 40
Sohal, K. S. and Manjit Kaur Changes in Agricultural Commercialisation in Punjab: 1980-81 to 2000-01 48
Prasad, Nageshwar and Malavika Sinha Potentiality, Utilisation, Problems and Management of Ground Water in the Northwest Bankura District, West Bengal 57
Kaushik, S. P. Impact of Development of Farmhouses on the Land Aspects: A Case Study of Peri- Urban Space of National Capital Territory of Delhi 67
A. C. Mohapatra Obituary – Dr. Ramamoorthy Gopalakrishnan 86
P. S. Tiwari Obituary – Prof. P. D. Mahadev 87