Volume 26, 1, January 2004

Volume 26, 1, January 2004
Banerjee, Bireswar Presidential Address: Sustainable Management of Water Resources 1
Syiemlieh, H. J. and P. Das Orographic Effects on the Distribution of Rainfall in North-East India 12
Mipun, B. S. and Dipak C. Das Population Pressure and Changing Pattern of Agricultural Production in Lower Brahmaputra Valley 21
Hazra, Jayati SARS and its Implications 27
Ahmed, M. and N. K. Das Impact of Deforestation on Pattern of Rainfall and Number of Rainy Days of Goalpara District, Assam, India 39
Singh, Manisha Geopolitics of the South China Sea Region: Prospectus for Sustainable Management of Resources 47
Singh, Abha L. and Md. B. Shah Jhuming Cultivation, a Threat to Biodiversity of North-East India: A Case Study 61
Gurjar, R. D. Concern for Biodiversity with Reference to Rio and India 71