Volume 25, 1 and 2, January and July 2003

Volume 25, 1 and 2, January and July 2003
Nag, P. Presidential Address: Can we monitor the Environment? 1
Singh, Surendra and T. C. Daimari Determinants of Labour Productivity in Tea Cultivation in Upper Brahmaputra Valley 9
Deosthali, Vrishali and Deepak Pillai Hierarchical Grouping of Sub-Watersheds in Bhama Basin for Soil Conservation Planning – A GIS Approach 20
Nayak, Debendra Kumar and Aparesh Patra Ethnic Conflict and Forced Migration in the Area Bodo Concentration in Assam, India 30
Tiwari, R. C. Aspects of Social Geography: Observations from an Indian City Jaipur, Rajasthan 49
Mohapatra, A. C. Discourse and Geographic Enquiry 71
Sita, K. and R. B. Bhagat Maharashtra: Impact of Investment Decisions on the Industrial and Urban Scenario 94
Sharma, H. S. and T. I. Khan Waterborne Disease Fluorosis, a Silent Killer – A Case Study of Dausa District, Rajasthan 108
Phadke, V. S. and Dipti Mukherji Urbanisation and Development in Maharashtra, 1961-91: Some Observations 116