Volume 22, 2, July 2000

Volume 22, 2, July 2000
Singh, Surendra Modelling Structure and Function of Agricultural Yield Potential 1
Sharma, K. D. Cultural Norm, History and Socio-Spatial Dynamics in Erstwhile Princely and Colonial Towns in Himachal Pradesh 17
Singh, Ram Bali Integration Development and Population Planning in Less Developed Countries 45
Gurjar, R. D. Slope Profile Analysis: Methodology and Tools 63
Gadgil, A. S. Some Aspects of Orissa Super Cyclone of October 1999 77
Singh, Yadvinder Floods: An Ecological Hazard of the Semi-Natural Drainage Ecosystem of the Inter State Chandigarh Region, India 85
Thakur, L. N. and D. P. Singh An Analytical Study of Soils and Sustainable Agriculture in Ganga Diara, Bihar 99
Dikshit, R. D. In Memoriam – Prof. O. H. K. Spate 113