Volume 27, 1, January 2005

Volume 27, 1, January 2005
Joshi, Veena Tsunami: The Killer Wave that Struck the Asian Coasts on 26th December, 2004 1
Jha, V. C. Denudational Processes and Landform Characteristics in the Laterite of Bhirbhum District, West Bengal 19
Daudia, Chhaya and V. S. Phadke Spatial Representation of the Results of Correlation Analysis 31
Chand, Ramesh and J. C. Sharma The Rise of Bharatiya Janata Party in Himachal Pradesh Assembly Elections (1982-1998): A Geographical Inquiry of Voting Behaviour in its Ecological Context 41
Shukla, Prabhati Facts and Factors Responsible for Higher Fertility among Muslims of Sagar City 57
Krishnakumar, G., Alka Gadgil and M. Rajeevan Use of Sea Surface Temperatures over The Indian Ocean in the Estimation of Tropical Cyclone Activity over Bay of Bengal 63